Every time there’s an event, like Valentine’s Day, the game attracts a lot of new players – so it helps to revisit the basics of the game. Experienced players should probably go and look at another post. If you want to know how you add friends, though, read on.

First things first, though. If you are playing the Android version of the game, which has been released through Google Play in a limited number of smaller markets like New Zealand and Hong Kong, you can’t add friends yet. The ability to do so is likely to come with the global release.

However, if you’re playing on an Apple device, adding friends is really easy. First, tap on the Bart and Milhouse button you see at the bottom right of the main game screen.


This takes you to the page that has your Other Springfield. At the bottom left, you’ll see the Origin logo.


Tap on this and a box will come up on the top right. Tap on “Add Friends” (if it’s not already showing) and you’ll see a space to enter your friend’s email or Origin ID.


Put in the ID and tap “Go”. Often a number of similar IDs will come up.


Find the ID you’re looking for and tap “Add”. An invitation will be sent to your friend and when he or she accepts it, you’ll be able to go into each other’s Springfields.

Be patient, though. Sometimes this happens quickly and sometimes it can take up to 3 days, regardless of where the person is in relation to you.

When you’ve finished, tap “Exit” on the bottom of the bar at very right hand side. You go back to your town by tapping the house icon at the bottom right of the screen.