Look away now if you like your quests to be surprising – there are spoilers ahead….

Here’s a walkthrough of the main Valentine’s quest. It features Lisa, Milhouse, Homer, and Marge:

1. Start the quest by collecting 3 “cards” from neighbors.
2. Lisa delivers a Valentine to Milhouse’s House hoping he won’t take it the wrong way (10 minutes – keep Milhouse free)
3. He does, so Lisa runs home. Milhouse flies a kite (8 hours) Lisa does next week’s homework (24 hours – keep Milhouse free as Lisa finishes)
4. Milhouse goes to Homer for advice, and Homer suggests ice-cream. Milhouse prompts the building of Phineas Q. Butterfat’s (10 hearts and 24 hours – keep Homer free as the building finishes)
5. Homer eats at Phineas Q. Butterfat’s (8 hours)
6. Homer remembers that it’s Valentine’s Day and goes to shop for Marge at Kwik-E Mart (1 hour)
7. Homer plants a rose bush (10 hearts) to cut flowers for Marge but Officer Wiggum tells him he can’t cut them because they’re on public land (instant)
8. Homer prompts the building of Howard’s Flowers (25 hearts and 24 hours to build)
9. The flowers are too expensive, so Homer has to go do a plant shift (16 hours – for new players you’ll need to have reached Level 11 and have built the plant for him to do this)
10. Having earned enough money, Homer shops at Howard’s flowers (12 hours – keep Milhouse free as he finishes)
11. Milhouse starts a task for Lisa to plant flowers (very quick – you can either buy these or use any you have in your inventory)
12. Lisa starts a task for her and Milhouse to go and eat ice cream (8 hours – keep Homer free as they finish)
13. Homer gives his Valentine’s flowers to Marge and suggests dinner at the Gilded Truffle; Marge has a better idea and, in response, Homer prompts the building of Sir Putt-a-lot’s (50 hearts and 24 hours to build, but you need to be at level 15 to build it – keep Homer and Marge free as it finishes)
14. Homer prompts some action on Marge’s idea and Homer and Marge go to the golf castle at Sir Putt-a-lot’s for a “snuggle” (12 hours)

And that’s where the story ends. In my game, though, Homer finished it off nicely by coming out of the golf castle with Marge and saying, “A job mediocrely done.” Marge had nothing substantial to add.