Unless you’re desperate for a Lemon Tree (the Mystery Boxes are the only way you can get one of these), I really don’t think so – and there’s no guarantee you’ll get a Lemon Tree anyway. You may also get donuts, but this only seems to happen with any regularity when you play the tutorial at the beginning of the game (perhaps to keep you trying again and again in the hope that there will be more donuts).

The Mystery Boxes contain a variety of items and cash – and sometimes those precious donuts. But you only get one gift in each Mystery Box.

While there is a slim chance you may get something good (this is how I got the Squeaky Voice Teen), more often than not they contain decorations you could easily buy with cash, like car parks, benches and brown fences. Donuts are so precious that to spend them getting non-premium items seems a bit of a waste.

If you’re a gambler, you may like to take the chance. If not, the Mystery Boxes can be a bit frustrating and likely to promote buyer’s regret. And, after all, once the Valentine’s event is over, you’ll go back to getting one of these for free once every 5 days – so why take the chance?