This is much simpler than being a good neighbor over Christmas. All you really need to do is:

1. Visit your friends every day. They’re waiting for your Valentines and are going to be a bit disappointed if they don’t get them.

2. If there are no BE MINE cards in your friend’s town, go back out and try again later.

3. If your friend is Level 25 and has no BE MINE cards, click on something else. Your friend may well prefer the cash and XP bonus they get when you do that, anyway, because Level 25 players are currently working towards some bonus donuts.

4. Particularly if you only have a small number of characters, be sure to collect your Valentine’s at least once a day. A friend can only leave a Valentine for a particular character if you have collected the one’s he/she sent the day before.

5. Make sure you visit all the friends who visit you. You can see who sent your character a Valentine when you tap on it to collect it. If you have a lot of friends, that may make it easier for you to prioritize who to visit.

6. Keep your characters busy – while this doesn’t necessarily affect your friends’ ability to leave Valentines, it makes them feel more comfortable about taking the time to visit your town!