Well, I didn’t think there was, but Mikmon100, commenting on my “About this Blog” page, tried something last night. I’ll let him tell you:

“This afternoon 4 of my characters had 2 hearts each. But I also tried something interesting. When I opened some of my neighbours Springfields, for a split second all the BE MINE cards are shown, then the ones that were not available disappeared and the rest stayed.

The following is a bit nerdy, but I did it, nonetheless.

I first opened the town, saw where the BE MINE cards were, went out again, and then in. While the town was loading I would tap repeatedly and fast on the place where the card would appear for a brief moment. It works – you can tap them as long as they are displayed.

I found this useful on the towns where all the cards are gone. It is time consuming but useful.”

So thanks for the tip Mikmon100 – I just tried it and it does work!