The rumors of his arrival appear to be true …

It seems that Ralph was accidentally released early in an update to some players. In an earlier post I mentioned that some of my friends showed up as Level 26 – this is why. Now, this was an unintentional release that was corrected soon after and probably has something to do with today’s update (perhaps because EA still had a little more work to do on the new level).


The very, very unofficial word is that we can expect to have access to Ralph as a non-premium character in the coming days/weeks. Like many people, I’m hoping we get him in time for Valentine’s Day so Lisa can choo-choo-choose him. In the meantime, though, we get to enjoy the Valentine’s quests and collect hearts.

P.S. – I’ve now seen the Wiggum house for myself in the Springfield of one of my Level 25 friends.

Update: the Wiggum House and Ralph, together with El Chemistri, were finally released for real on February 14. You can read about it at