This is really the burning question of the day. Why do the cards disappear so fast?

If your friends have lots of friends, and everyone can visit once a day only, it’s likely that many people are visiting at the same time as you are. As the Valentines cards only appear over buildings that have characters attached to them, they are very limited in number.

If you see the cards disappear, it probably means that there are one or two people visiting your friend’s Springfield at the same time as you – and that they have been a little quicker than you at grabbing the very limited number of cards there are and the hearts that come with them.

So, what can you do? If you need XP and cash, tap on something else in the town. But if you really want those hearts, wait about an hour and go back in again.

P.S. – one theory about all this is that if your characters are not busy, they won’t generate a card for your friends to click on. It doesn’t seem to be the case, though. A couple of my real life friends have the game but really don’t play it much. Their characters are constantly idle – yet they’re guaranteed sources of hearts for me.