Relax – this can take a little time to work through. Some of your friends won’t have updated for the Valentine’s version of the game – others may have done. The same thing happened at Christmas and Halloween, probably because the servers are processing millions of updates on the same day. It’s probably not an iOS 6.1 thing, though, as both my devices are iOS 6.1 and I am still showing as not having updated (although some of my friends can visit me).

It’s like when you add friends – there is often a delay, and it can be anything from 1-3 days. It has very little to do with where they are in relation to you, either. A friend updated about an hour after I did, and I was still showing up as not having done so.

Keep checking today and tomorrow. You’ll be gradually able to visit more and more friends. And don’t be quick on the draw and delete people who haven’t updated just yet – they may have done. Check the news in the Origin tab and see which of your friends are playing. They are likely to have updated, so save any deletions for a day

P.S. – as the servers gradually process the millions of updates that are happening today all over the world, I’m finding I can visit more and more friends. You should be able to as well over the next 24 hours or so.