For your first Valentine’s Day quests you have to collect 3 “cards” from neighbors. Collect them from Other Springfield if you can’t access your regular friends.

Now, to do this and perhaps get a heart, you need to tap on a specific building with a “Be Mine” card above it – not just any old house. The buildings that have cards on them are:

Bart’s Treehouse
Simpsons’ House
Flanders’ House
Van Houten House
Kwik-E Mart
Krusty Burger
Nuclear Plant
Retirement Castle
Police Station
Town Hall
Willie’s Shack
Android Dungeon
Cleetus’ Farm
Frink’s Lab
Duff Brewery
Volcano Lair

As you might have noticed, they’re all buildings that have a character attached to them. When you collect the card, you’ll also send a Valentine to the character attached to the building. And when your friends to this in your Springfield, the character attached to the building gets a Valentine and you get a heart.

It’s important to know that you don’t get a heart from every card you tap in a friends’ town. They are completely random, and you stand the chance of getting anything from 0 to 3 hearts from visiting your friends. This makes it quite different from Christmas, but exactly the same as Halloween.