Yes, you can (although to get Sir Putt-A-Lot’s you also need to be at Level 15). And there are 3 ways:

1. Have lots of friends and visit them, clicking on any building with a Valentine’s card on it (see for more). This will give you hearts and you will also get hearts when friends visit you. You can use them to buy the buildings even before they come up as part of the Valentine’s storyline.

2. Wait for the Mystery Love Box to come up as your daily reward – it sometimes contains hearts and sometimes Valentines buildings and other decorations.

3. Use some real world cash on donuts and buy some Mystery Love Boxes. While they contain other Valentines stuff as well, you should get hearts often enough to buy one or two of the new buildings.

All the buildings take 24 hours to build – so try and resist the temptation to use donuts to hurry them up. The good news is that with an Ice Cream Parlor, a Crazy Golf Course, and a flier shop, your Consumerism and Gluttony ratings are boosted nicely.