There’s a radical solution to the crashing problem, where the game throws you out completely after a few minutes of play. But before you try it, it’s important to try everything else:

1. Deleting the game and downloading it again from the app store
2. Doing a hard reset –
3. Logging in on someone else’s device –
4. Removing decorations –
5. Deleting friends –
6. Freeing up some memory on your device by deleting unused apps
7. Play the game over broadband wifi rather than 3G/4G to see if there is a difference in reliability (thanks James)

If none of the above works, some of your game files my be corrupt, in which case you can try something that seems to have worked for a friend of mine: resetting your device. This is what he did.

1. Delete the Tapped Out app (he suggests visiting the friends screen and then coming back to your town to ensure you are synced first)
2. Backup your iPad or iPhone or iPod Touch to iCloud
3. Perform a reset of all content and settings (you can do this from your Settings)
4. Restore your device as if it were brand new
5. Re-install the Tapped Out app
6. Log back into your Origin Account
7. Enjoy playing Tapped Out without crashing every few minutes.

He says that it’s important to delete the app before the backup. If you don’t, the app data cached locally on your device is still there, and it’s possible that issues such as constant crashing and an inability to add friends are due to improperly cached data on the device. If you reset and restore your iPad without deleting the app first, you are potentially restoring this bad data right back to your device.

Let me know how it goes.