Got a bit of money spare and want to try to make a bit extra? Then perhaps it’s time to visit Springfield Downs. But many people have asked whether it’s really possible to make money at thre and how often the really big payouts happen.

The tip here is not to place your bet based on the name you like best, and not to try and win big. Instead, if you want to come out ahead, the way to do it seems to be to place your $5000 bet on whichever dog is running at 1-2 odds (usually the one at the top of the list – the name changes each race). The payout is small – only $6500 – but still better than any of the other buildings.

Now this is not guaranteed. The winner is randomly generated, and even playing this way, you’ll sometimes lose. But the random generation seems to favor the 1-2 dog. While another dog will sometimes win and you’ll lose your $5000 “investment”, the big payouts only happen rarely.

In the 10 or more times I’ve placed a bet on the 1-2 dog, I’ve only lost twice, so this seems to work. So try it out, see what happens and let me know.