It seems that way. As their Springfields increase in size and complexity, quite a number of people have reported that their previously stable game can become a bit crash-y.

Housefarming over a large area can cause crashes but so, it seems, can too many trees (but not evergreens strangely), hedges and fences. While it’s disappointing that there are limits on how much we can decorate our towns, it’s a matter of finding the optimum level of decoration for your town’s size.

If frequent crashing is a problem for you, and the stability of your wifi connection is not an issue, a solution may be to put some of your decorations into storage and see what difference it makes.

EA are making some progress in addressing this problem, but the more popular the game is and the more levels there are may mean that this may continue to be an issue for a while. Until then, it’s a matter of finding the right balance.