First, this doesn’t mean that your friend has level 26. As of January 2013 this is not yet available, although there may be be something new in February (check here and on the Facebook page at for news of this). It may mean that you or your friend may not have downloaded the latest version of the game from the App Store.

While smaller updates are released in game (the “downloading update” message you get when you are logging in), the really big updates are released only through the App Store. Check that you both of have the most up to date version because you sometimes get this message when you have updated but your friend has not.

Last year, people also got this message if they lived in different countries. EA originally released different versions for different parts of the world to support different languages. While EA has been working in linking up different versions, there may still be versions that don’t support sharing with each other internationally yet. Of course, this is unlikely to be the problem if you are adding people you know in th real world, but it may still be a problem when you are adding people from the Forums or Facebook. EA has been working on the problem.