For people who really love the game, this can be quite traumatic – and particularly if you’ve parted with real money to buy some of that cool premium stuff.

I’ve written about this before and given you EA’s official answer and that’s linked here:

But there are also a couple of extra things for people who play through to consider:

1. Did your device log you out? It’s obvious, I know. But just this morning, I logged on to my phone, which I use every day to play the game. I wasn’t really thinking so I just tapped where I usually tap to enter the game and before I knew it I was playing anonymously. It turns out that the server had logged me off overnight. All I had to do was do a hard close (you can see how to do it at the link above), go back to the Origin screen, and log myself in again. Everything was just as I’d left it, of course.

2. If ever the Origin logo is missing, don’t panic – they’re just working on the Origin server.

3. Never try to create a new account on the same email – you may really end up losing your Springfield and resetting your game to level 1. EA can probably work it out, but it takes time.