You may not really be at level 25 if you haven’t got him already. If you were really at level 25, you would have been asked to build Burns Manor just after that update.

So what does that mean? Well, if you play regularly, visit a lot of friends, and/or house-farm, your XP can build up much faster than the game moves you through all the quests. The best way to see this is to look at the next shaded building you have to build and click on the blue question mark – then deduct one level and that’s probably your true level.

Level 25 came with two free buildings and one free character – Pimento Grove, Burns Manor and Smithers. Pimento Grove is easy – you just have to save up enough cash to build it, and it’s tied to your XP level rather than your game level. Unfortunately, there are no tasks or characters associated with it.

Burns Manor is a bit harder, and it will only unshade when you have built everything that comes before it on your building list. If you are stuck in a long sequence of tasks (such as the ones that come immediately after building Krabappel’s apartment), this can feel like a long way off. On the bright side, though, you have something to do until the next update!

Once you’ve built Burns Manor, you get Smithers, and you also another new sequence of tasks that make up his storyline.