For those who are playing anonymously, creating an Origin account theoretically means you have a better chance of not losing your Springfield when things go wrong. But accidentally creating a new ID on the same email is a problem I’ve seen people having a few times now as a result of the recent log in issues (and it happens for EA’s other games, too, not just TSTO). For the game we all love, though, this means that it can look like your game has gone forever.

I can’t help much on that one as I haven’t experienced it thankfully. The official advice from Ursula at EA Answers is this:

“For all questions about your account, please get in contact with an EA Game Advisor.

You need to log in with your Origin account and then choose “Product”, “Category”, and “Platform” to see the contact options. Please choose phone, chat or email as contact option.


You may have to be patient as I hear that EA can be a bit slow with answers (although I’ve also heard some reports of things being fixed quickly).

Let me know through here or the Facebook page how it goes.