This answer comes from Ben Bimmer on the Facebook page (thanks Ben) – I thought it was worth capturing for posterity. Crashes seem to happen more frequently when you town has lots and lots of houses and heaps of decorations, and you have a lot of very active friends who visit your town a lot.

This is what Ben says:

“I have not been able to play properly for 3-4 weeks due all the crashes after 5-20 seconds. For the last 4 days, I have not been able to play at all…..the iPad tried to load the game but could not.

1- Login to Origin and delete all your neighbors……. I now could load my game.

2- I sold 50 houses and 300 trees (not stored them, but sold)

3- Then, I stored all my animated things… the deers, balloons and so on. In total I have removed/sold about 800 items to get my town to work perfectly again.

Now my game runs perfectly and is loading without any problems. Okay, the town is not as beautiful as before, but I can play now.

I’m at max level and land.”

Ben says he’s now adding friends again and the game is still stable.