If you play a lot and visit a lot of friends, your XP builds up very fast – and that can mean that your game level can rise faster than your task level. This can happen when one of the task levels takes a really long time (the Edna Krabappel level is one of these – it can take a week or more to complete if you don’t use donuts to speed it up).

The problem is that most of the buildings only unlock when the whole series of tasks before them has been completed. For example, channel 6 won’t unlock until the entire Edna storyline is finished.

What that means is that your XP might tell you you’re level 25, but your real level is 22. So, have patience, don’t leave any tasks uncompleted, and you’ll be fine. It’s not an error – you just have so many friends and play so much that your XP has built up at an above average rate and given you those extra donuts a little earlier than scheduled.