Apart from buying them, there aren’t very many ways.

You get a donut or two every time you level up, and you find a few (but not many) when you clean up your Springfield. The Christmas stocking promotion was great because you got a few every day (and that’s why people miss it soooo much), and there were some free donuts at Halloween.

And there’s the Homer Simpson Jebediah Springfield Easter egg – 10 free donuts. To get them, make Homer play with his myPad (or do any task, really), and tap him 10 times while he is doing the task.

But wait, there’s more. You also get a statue of Jebediah Springfield. It only works once, though.

So the bad news is – apart from all the above, you need to pay for them. And paying for them is what pays for the game. Sad but true.