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It’s very simple. You just rub your finger over each section until the image appears. You know you’ve scratched enough when the image flashes. Then, you automatically collect your prize.

The scratch cards appear every 6 hours and cost 250 game dollars. You’re guaranteed to make a profit very time.



Yes, you can (although to get Sir Putt-A-Lot’s you also need to be at Level 15). And there are 3 ways:

1. Have lots of friends and visit them, clicking on any building with a Valentine’s card on it (see for more). This will give you hearts and you will also get hearts when friends visit you. You can use them to buy the buildings even before they come up as part of the Valentine’s storyline.

2. Wait for the Mystery Love Box to come up as your daily reward – it sometimes contains hearts and sometimes Valentines buildings and other decorations.

3. Use some real world cash on donuts and buy some Mystery Love Boxes. While they contain other Valentines stuff as well, you should get hearts often enough to buy one or two of the new buildings.

All the buildings take 24 hours to build – so try and resist the temptation to use donuts to hurry them up. The good news is that with an Ice Cream Parlor, a Crazy Golf Course, and a flier shop, your Consumerism and Gluttony ratings are boosted nicely.


For your first Valentine’s Day quests you have to collect 3 “cards” from neighbors. Collect them from Other Springfield if you can’t access your regular friends.

Now, to do this and perhaps get a heart, you need to tap on a specific building with a “Be Mine” card above it – not just any old house. The buildings that have cards on them are:

Bart’s Treehouse
Simpsons’ House
Flanders’ House
Van Houten House
Kwik-E Mart
Krusty Burger
Nuclear Plant
Retirement Castle
Police Station
Town Hall
Willie’s Shack
Android Dungeon
Cleetus’ Farm
Frink’s Lab
Duff Brewery
Volcano Lair

As you might have noticed, they’re all buildings that have a character attached to them. When you collect the card, you’ll also send a Valentine to the character attached to the building. And when your friends to this in your Springfield, the character attached to the building gets a Valentine and you get a heart.

It’s important to know that you don’t get a heart from every card you tap in a friends’ town. They are completely random, and you stand the chance of getting anything from 0 to 3 hearts from visiting your friends. This makes it quite different from Christmas, but exactly the same as Halloween.


Here’s the official information with a couple of bits I’ve added:

The Simpsons: Tapped Out game for iOS has received a Valentine’s Day themed update that brings new buildings, characters, decorations, quests, and more.

What’s New In This Version:
Love has come to Springfield! Send Valentines to your friends and collect Hearts to add a romantic atmosphere to your Springfield with limited time decorations. We’ve got new limited-time characters, quests, and more – check it out…

• New Buildings – Pick up some love handles a la mode at Phineas Q. Butterfat’s, capitalize on insecure relationships at Howard’s Flowers, and even lose some golf balls at Sir Putt-A-Lots.
• New Characters – Send Shauna around searching for young love (she’s a premium character and costs 90 donuts, though), get Homer and Marge to snuggle in the Golf Castle, and send Valentines with Lisa.
• New Decorations – Sweeten up your Springfield with rose bushes, cherub topiaries, and the “I Choo-Choo-Choose You Train.”
• New Quests – Join Bart on his quest for love. Will Bart and Shauna enjoy a blossoming romance, or will Bart be left sulking in his room?
• New Event – Visit your friends’ towns, send Valentine’s Day cards, and generate limited-time Heart currency.
• No snow! – Spring has certainly come to Springfield!

You can download The Simpsons: Tapped Out Valentine’s Day update from the App Store for free.

And remember, it all ends on February 28.


Level 25 players got a new message that there is no Level 26 with this update because it’s not ready yet. The message also said that there were bonus levels to keep us happy in the meantime.

However, there are lots of new buildings for you to buy using hearts rather than donuts or cash and the XP is building again towards a bonus Level. Go here to see how it works –

That means that there probably won’t be a Level 26 until the Valentine’s event is over at the end of February.

Update: see this post for some new information on the Level 26 update –


This is a big update and that means that, like the Christmas one, it’s only available from the App Store.

So, go there, download the update, then open your game. Make sure you have a good wifi or 3G/4G connection as there will be more to download when you do.

Then, you’re ready to begin sending and collecting hearts.


There’s an easy answer to this one – and that’s “no” (or at least very, very unlikely).

And there’s a simple reason for it. The Simpsons Tapped Out is what’s known as a “freemium” game. That means that while you can have lots of fun playing with all the free stuff available, there are also premium characters and items that you need to pay for if you want them. Unlike many freemium games, however, your progress isn’t dependent on buying these extras – they just add to the overall experience.

So why do you have to pay for anything? Because EA is a business and its income depends on people buying its products. The income from the premium items pays for those new levels we all want – and as long as the game is profitable, EA will continue to develop it and add new levels and characters.

That doesn’t mean that EA won’t do another promotion to convert something into donuts like they did with the Santa Coins (and I really hope they do). It just means that it’s unlikely that you’ll ever be able to convert your game cash into donuts.


What happens to the snowmen when the snow melts? Well, you get to keep them but they melt, too. So, I’ve put them into storage until next winter in the hope that they come back to life.


There’s a radical solution to the crashing problem, where the game throws you out completely after a few minutes of play. But before you try it, it’s important to try everything else:

1. Deleting the game and downloading it again from the app store
2. Doing a hard reset –
3. Logging in on someone else’s device –
4. Removing decorations –
5. Deleting friends –
6. Freeing up some memory on your device by deleting unused apps
7. Play the game over broadband wifi rather than 3G/4G to see if there is a difference in reliability (thanks James)

If none of the above works, some of your game files my be corrupt, in which case you can try something that seems to have worked for a friend of mine: resetting your device. This is what he did.

1. Delete the Tapped Out app (he suggests visiting the friends screen and then coming back to your town to ensure you are synced first)
2. Backup your iPad or iPhone or iPod Touch to iCloud
3. Perform a reset of all content and settings (you can do this from your Settings)
4. Restore your device as if it were brand new
5. Re-install the Tapped Out app
6. Log back into your Origin Account
7. Enjoy playing Tapped Out without crashing every few minutes.

He says that it’s important to delete the app before the backup. If you don’t, the app data cached locally on your device is still there, and it’s possible that issues such as constant crashing and an inability to add friends are due to improperly cached data on the device. If you reset and restore your iPad without deleting the app first, you are potentially restoring this bad data right back to your device.

Let me know how it goes.


Percentages. They confuse the best of us. And it seems like someone at EA has made a fairly common error in the information that comes up when you click on Mr Plow’s blue question mark.

What it says is: “Jobs earn 150% more money and XP”. That’s not the case, though. What they really mean is that Mr Plow earns 150% of the usual money and XP. The same as Dr Nick, Moleman, Kearney, and Squeaky Voice Teen. So, only 50% more. Regular premium rather than super premium.

I’ve been hoping that EA will correct this, but it seems like this error is with us until the next update when Mr Plow and the snowmen will no longer be available.


January 30/31 (depending on what part of the world you’re in) – and it runs until February 28. It’s a big update, not something that happens in-game, so you’ll need to download it from the App Store.


Update: There’s a change for Level 25 players since the Valentine’s update – see here:

Nothing – the game doesn’t start again at level 1 and you don’t get a message saying “game over”. The game just goes into a bit of a holding pattern until level 26 arrives (as it doesn’t come with the Valentine’s update, it may not happen until March).

You can still collect money from houses, restaurants and businesses and send your characters on tasks. You can keep expanding and reorganizing your Springfield. But your XP doesn’t continue to build. This makes sense – XP rewards frequent players by leveling you up (and giving you the free donut or two) a little faster than your your game levels, which gives you access to buildings like Pimento Grove a bit earlier than less dedicated players.

When level 26 is released, you’ll have a 30,000 or so head start on your XP. Why it’s not more and whether or not that’s fair is a question for another time.

Update: Since the Valentine’s update, your XP continues to build to a bonus round, although there’s still no level 26. It seems like EA have been listening!


Canceling a task is easy in some cases, but impossible in others.

So, when can a task be cancelled? If one of your characters is doing something inside a building, all you have to do is put the building they’re inside into storage, and they’ll be thrown out. Then, put the building back into your Springfield and you can give them the task you want to give them.

This also works if you accidentally decide to grow corn at Cletus’ Farm and later decide you don’t want to wait 90 days. Just put the farm into storage, take it out again and you can choose a different crop.

However, if a character is doing a task outside, there’s no way to cancel it. The only thing you can do is use your precious donuts to speed the task up, which is really a waste of donuts.

Thanks to Brandon Smith for contributing to this tip.


Got a bit of money spare and want to try to make a bit extra? Then perhaps it’s time to visit Springfield Downs. But many people have asked whether it’s really possible to make money at thre and how often the really big payouts happen.

The tip here is not to place your bet based on the name you like best, and not to try and win big. Instead, if you want to come out ahead, the way to do it seems to be to place your $5000 bet on whichever dog is running at 1-2 odds (usually the one at the top of the list – the name changes each race). The payout is small – only $6500 – but still better than any of the other buildings.

Now this is not guaranteed. The winner is randomly generated, and even playing this way, you’ll sometimes lose. But the random generation seems to favor the 1-2 dog. While another dog will sometimes win and you’ll lose your $5000 “investment”, the big payouts only happen rarely.

In the 10 or more times I’ve placed a bet on the 1-2 dog, I’ve only lost twice, so this seems to work. So try it out, see what happens and let me know.


Apparently it is, and this will be really good news for players of the Simpsons Tapped Out. Apparently big changes are ahead in 2013 in how EA treats its customers and responds to complaints.

See the link below:


Deleting friends from The Simpsons Tapped Out is very easy, but there are a few steps to follow:

1. go into the game and go to the visit friends page;
2. click on the Origin logo to open up the Origin menu;
3. open up the “My Friends” list;
4. scroll to the friend you want to delete;
5. click on their picture to go to their profile;
6. click on the plus sign just under the profile picture (to the right);
7. the words “remove friend” will appear just under the profile picture. Click on this and they’re gone.


You don’t need to be scared. Humanity doesn’t and nor does your game. And you won’t be reset to level 1.

All that happens is that you get around 150 XP. No cash – just lots of XP.


In the Simpsons Tapped Out, your Springfield is rated according to a number of factors, which come together to give you an overall rating. The higher your rating the bigger the bonus every time you complete a task or collect rent.

Now, some of these are very easy to work out. The more trees, shrubs and other decorations you have, the higher your vanity rating is. If you build more restaurants, you raise your gluttony rating. And if you wasn’t to boost your consumerism rating, build more shops.

The category that seems to fluctuate the most is righteousness and it seems to rise and drop for no reason. However, if you have a lot of graffiti or you graffiti your friends’ towns, it seems to drop. If you clean up graffiti in your own Springfield and those of your friends, it seems to rise (after a lag). There is also a suggestion that having Mayor Quimby, Fat Tony, Officer Wiggum and Snake all repeatedly carry out corrupt or criminal tasks can make your righteousness rating drop, too.

So, if you want to keep your righteousness rating up, clean up graffiti, send Snake to jail, and make sure the others avoid taking bribes.


It seems that way. As their Springfields increase in size and complexity, quite a number of people have reported that their previously stable game can become a bit crash-y.

Housefarming over a large area can cause crashes but so, it seems, can too many trees (but not evergreens strangely), hedges and fences. While it’s disappointing that there are limits on how much we can decorate our towns, it’s a matter of finding the optimum level of decoration for your town’s size.

If frequent crashing is a problem for you, and the stability of your wifi connection is not an issue, a solution may be to put some of your decorations into storage and see what difference it makes.

EA are making some progress in addressing this problem, but the more popular the game is and the more levels there are may mean that this may continue to be an issue for a while. Until then, it’s a matter of finding the right balance.


There’s a very simple reason for this.

In the January 2013 level 25 update, you got two buildings – Pimento Grove and Burns Manor. Pimento Grove unlocks as soon as you get to Level 25 on XP. There are no quests associated with it so you can build it right away.

To get Burns Manor, though, you need to have completed all the quests and built all the buildings before it. And even if your XP says you’re at level 25, you may not be for gameplay. This is because if you play a lot, visit a lot of friends, or house farm, your XP build up faster than your game level.

So, relax. There’s no bug or glitch even though you’re at Level 25. You’ll unlock everything else soon.


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